The Name: Integrated Behavior Services, LLC

There is a lot in a name!  When when picking a business name, it can rather daunting.  It is a lot like picking the name of your child.  It has to be 1) something you like 2) something that you will like for a long time 3) something that represents you/your business and 4) one that hasn’t already been a registered business in the state!

I picked Integrated Behavior Services.  Of course, the behavior services part was easy.  I went with integrated because my vision for the company is to work with the client and their behavior as it affects different aspects of their lives:  school, home, community.  According to, the definition of integrated is “combining or coordinating separate elements so as to provide aharmonious, interrelated whole:“.  For me, it is important to look at the person as a ‘whole’ and work with them in different environments.

I was a little concerned about the initials -IBS.  I didn’t want MY company that I would be pouring my heart and soul in to be confused with the health problem of IBS- Irritable Bowel Syndrome!  Lucky for me the word ‘behavior’ in the field is most often abbreviated as Bx….whew….so…the initials for my company are IBxS!!!

I am VERY happy with the name and the abbreviation!

Until next time…



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